[Progressive Trance] Dreaming

I am not sure, if I still need the feedback. IMO it sounds quite nice over headphones. Am curious, what you think about the track. Actually, I wanted to spend the track a nice ambient guitar. But I couldn’t find some free sample library until now. So, we have to wait. :slight_smile:

Link zu Dreaming

Inspired from Robert Miles “Children” maybe ?? The melody is quite close :wink:

This one could be much more story telling.

If you give the listener all elements right from the start, then it’s less grabbing attention over time.

The song structure could be more progressive at the beginning and then substractive with fewer elements , a long break and a slightly variation in part 2.

Feels a bit overcompressed or saturated here in headphones, but mixing is not everything, a track should grab attention, there’s plenty of room in a song like this to work a more catching & story telling song.

You’ve got nice sounds working well together, a more complex or a 2nd bass line in the mid range could help though, but yeah, it’s more about the song structure & arrenegment than mxing here.

This could be a good example to illustrate what I mean with “more story telling” :wink:

PS : BTW, there’s plenty of courses like this or more specific tutorials about arrangement, transitions as well as mixing, with project files and resources.

So just saying : Have you ever think to get a subscription ? There’s a Quarterly ( 3 months sub ) to let you have a try if you’re not sure about a Yearly plan yet, you can cancel any time from your account :sunglasses:

Do we speak of the same song? I don’t think that there is any familiarity to “Children”.

To be honest, I find it annoying that club tracks are endlessly long with 2-minutes intros and outros. I also like to create shorter tracks that start right on the spot.

Yes, that is a problem I struggle with. I learned to create the loudest possible tracks at -7 to -8 dB LUFS. Now, I have to rethink because Spotify and Youtube play at -14 dB.

Yes, I already thought about it. On the downside by watching such tutorial videos you get inspired which new plugins you could buy. And that is a think I want to avoid. I have just spent enough on music software. After all, music making is only a hobby. If I choose a subscription plan, I will surely choose the quarterly one.

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