Project Tempo - Breath Deep (Inside my Soul)

Some of you may know i’m involved in the [url=][/url] team who’ve been doing a lot of re-edits that have been getting massive play from the likes of Greg Wilson and Ashley Beedle, Dimitri from Paris and a bunch of other DJ’s, we’ve a 12 coming in October of the Carly Simon and Tom Tom Club re-edits. :slight_smile:

Anyway, here’s a Mix that I’ve been sat on for a few weeks, that’s just gone up on the Blog as a mixcast.

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SoundCloud: Project Tempo - Breath Deep (Inside my Soul) Interesting Blends Autumn Mixcast by Interesting Blends


Our Autumn Mixcast by the Project Tempo boys:

Full Blog Post and Download at

Track listing:

Track One: Terry Lee Brown Junior – Electric Avenue

Track Two: Precious System - The Voice From Planet Love

Track Three: Willie Graff & Tuccillo - Give You Up

Track Four:Elastix - Don’t you ever Stop

Track Five: 6th Borough Project - Miss World (Ooft Remix)

Track Six: Rodney Hunter - Take a Ride (Andre Lodemann Club Ride)

Track Seven: Ananda Project – Destination

Track Eight: Timo Camillo - Paraguayan Sun Looks into My Cup

Track Nine: M.A.N.D.Y aka Booka Shade - Body Language

Track Ten: Fish Go Deep Feat Tracey K - The Cure and The Cause (Dennis Ferrer Mix)

Track Eleven: Mr Jones - Blah Blah (Seva K Remix)

Track Twelve: Move D - Heidelberg Gals (Parts One, Two and Three)

Track Thirteen: Sam and Gigi - Bau Au (Markus Enochson Remix)

Track Fourteen: Tony Lionni - Treat Me Right (Jimpster Edit)

Track Fifteen: House of House - Rushing to Paradise (DJ Harvey Remix)

Track Sixteen: Roach Motel – The Night (Deep Night Mix)

bump :slight_smile:

Wow, thank you! I loved track 1. #2 was just as good. I left a comment on the mix, as well. Thanks, again =)

nice one, got to say love some of your stuff, have fav’d a few tracks that really did it for me.

Cool stuff, nice an chilled mate

cheers mate, glad you dug it.

just one final nudge

[quote]Aapie (29/08/2010)[hr]nice one, got to say love some of your stuff, have fav’d a few tracks that really did it for me.[/quote]

wait… mine?! :w00t:

edit: Silly me… I forgot you’re named Project Tempo on SoundCloud.