Projects/modules ? where

hi. just suscribed today. i dont know where to locate these projects that are used in the video tutorals, and if i do, how do i bring them into my Ableton8. also samples and loops, how do i get them into Abelton,my ableton. appoligies,my knolege of this side of computers is very weak.

for example i downloaded SonicSamplePack and could see it in Recent Items on my windows desktop but dont know how to get those into my Ableton, if yea get me. i guess im lost on the tech side of computers. J :frowning:

There’s a tab on each of the courses with files and resources… That’s where you will find all the projects and samples.

Check out the ableton intro course… It explains the basics of the ableton file browser.

Give me a shout back if your still having problems!