Promoting a club night

I have offered to help promote a trance night in my hometown Southampton, UK. I have never really done this before so was hoping for some tips if anyone has them.

There is already a page on facebook, and I am planning on putting posters up and taking flyers to local shops and takeaways and maybe giving them out at similar nights.

Any advice would be appreciated.

One word Students especially when they get there grant cheques :wink:


Literally get the word out everywhere and anywhere,

and every and any other nightlife / events website you can find.

Get posters everywhere, give out free mixes either CD or download.

A Trance night is really hard to fill in the South unless you have a headliner, even then it can be hard.

As mentioned, hit the students, get to the Unis in both s’hampton and portsmouth (get promo out in pompy too!!) offer good student discount entry and discount entry guestlists to non students too.


Build up a hype, get people talking about the event.


i dont know alot  about the Music Escene where you are . but the basic way of promoting is to get to know the right people. try to see other trance events that are succesfull and also try to comunicate alot with club owners, Djs, and other promoters.

if you are having headliners , definelty will make your life easier to promote if it is only local Djs , you need to promote those Djs Music too .if you are a new promoter , you need to attent lots of nightclubs and meet the right people. it could be lots of work sometimes but its pays good when u became succesfull .

ahhh i almost forgot , if you know some companys that can sponsor you , try to work a deal with them . and dont forget to know the especials of the night too to attract peeps



I didn’t read the original post properly so edited.

Thanks for your help. It is not actually my nite so a lot of the work has already been done. I have offered to help in the hope that I will be able to get a set there at some point.

The headliner is Marcel Woods for this one so it is a fairly big name for southampton, especially when it comes to trance. Until recently there hasn’t been a big trance dj in Southampton for a few years. Now they all seem to be coming at once.

I will definately post the event on a the websites given. I had already heard of dsi as I used to go on there quite a bit, however it doesn’t seem as good as it used to be.

Students is definately a good idea. I might try and find a few student nites and go hand out some flyers.

Does anyone know if there are legal issues with putting posters up in the streets, i.e on boarded up buildings?

Since my day job is working for Citizens Advice - I can catorgorically say that Fly Posting is illegal - but differnt councils have different policies on the matter

However I do know that Southampton and a few London Bouroughs were sited as having a zero tolerence on the matter but this was quite a few years back.

In my younger days I used to fly post alot and the police if caught would just take our posters etc and tell us to go home - again I think the police have better things to do

This site should be off use The essential Flyposting Guide - urban75's guide to flyposting with tips on flyposting spots, brushes, glue, techniques and tactics

Fly posting is pretty much illegal mate but you can go around and look out for shops that already have other club promotion posters in their windows, just ask them if they’ll be happy to put yours up. Some shops/cafes also have a side area where you can put some flyers.

Also hand a small amount of flyers into shops asking them if they’ll put them in their staff room, that always works a treat, you only need to give them around 5 or so depending on the size of the shop.

You could do something like initial the flyers and tell people if they come along with your flyer, they’ll get discount off entry (say a £1 or £2 off for example).

In Brighton we’re allowed to put up posters in shops that have closed down, we just get about 3-4 in a vertical row and sticky tape from the back, then you feed the posters through the top of the doors till it goes in the back, just let it drop down a bit and use the sticky tape to stick to the top of the door. So basically your posters are hanging on the inside, people can see them as they walk past.

I’m not sure on the legality of that in other places though…

Im from southampton as well!! whats the name of the night and which club is it going to be in will defiantly be checking this out always enjoy trance! il bring a few mates aswell pretty good promotion work so far:) everyone fly posts in southampton just dont get doing it;)

Amnesia. It is called Frequency and it is at Bliss. Used to be the OC I think.

Here is the event page on facebok [url]!/event.php?eid=112771392085644[/url]

PM if you want tickets and i’ll give you my mobile No.

[quote]deeko (30/04/2010)[hr]Amnesia. It is called Frequency and it is at Bliss. Used to be the OC I think.

Here is the event page on facebok [url]!/event.php?eid=112771392085644[/url]

PM if you want tickets and i’ll give you my mobile No.[/quote]

Deeko, get everyone you know to ‘invite friends’ by following this:

  1. Click ‘Suggest to friends’ (just below the pages profile picture)

  2. Copy and paste the following into your browser address bar:

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