Proper Vocal Tutorial!

Personally, I think Sonic Academy is a fine website with a lot of great information. However, with that said it’s past time for a proper vocal tutorial. And I’m not talking about a 4 beat plug in play “Big Fan of Zero” type sample either! :hehe:

It’s a big subject so it’d probably need to be the length of the Main Room House tutorial, but I’m sure we can be patient while it’s being worked on. Here’s some styles I’d love to learn how to produce effectively; feel free to add your own so we can make this happen.


Part I: General

Perhaps go out of the box like y’all did for the Impulse Response Tech Tip and do show some micing tips and show how you’d set up for male and female vocals. Also tips for working with actual performers (I’m sure y’all at least have some vocalist friends who could help with this right? :stuck_out_tongue: ). Also add in a comparison of different kinds of mics, when they should best be used, and A/B them showing different tonal qualities and what you should be listening for to make the right decision (Something like what Sound on Sound did).

Part II and III: Female and Male Vox

yes completley agree with this!! also getting a diferent vocal and putting them into key with the track

No more love? :unsure:

Also, something I forgot to put in the first post is SA could even get some vocal samples from remix comps like Beatport or others (to avoid having to do a session or something).

For example, Kaskade’s Dynasty is still downloadable and you get the wet and dry vocal stems and all the other sounds. There’s also SOFI Needs A Ladder and plenty of other ones. So the raw material would be there, it could then just be explained how to go from start to finished product. (Don’t see anything on the site that says that couldn’t be done.)

Perhaps I’m in the minority on this site when it comes to wanting to create music with vocals? You can even reply telling me to STFU if that’s the case. :hehe: