Pros and cons of making every kind of genre

Most of the big dance music stars come out with fairly consistant material, like you dont see Above&Beyond dropping monster-bass dubstep tracks, or Excision putting out euphoric trance.

Is it these artists choice to master just one genre? instead of perhaps the alternative of making all genres at just a decent level?

People in Moldova always say - “If you chase two Rabbits at once you will catch neither!”

Maybe some of you have this ‘problem’, but I go all over the place with what genre im making, from house, dubstep, happy hardcore or chillout etc.

Do all these big producers love their dance subgenre so much they never make the other kinds of music? Or is it because the listeners would be thrown off by such unpredictability in their artists.

I sometimes wonder if people like Daft Punk, Armin van burren, or Darren Styles might secretly also be some of the artists like Mord fustang, whirlpool, or a ‘unknown’ beat-port chart topping artist (not literally those artists, but you know what i mean)

I just cant see going so tunnel vision on one sub-genre when EDM has so much to offer.


There are a couple different sides to this:

First, I believe that the choice of genre is ultimately up to what the artists wishes to produce. A lot of times a sound that an artist begins as one genre will evolve into something completely different. Also, many artists have a love for one specific genre and it’s what they feel comfortable with.

Second, from a marketing standpoint, big artists will only promote tracks that retain the vibe that they are known for. For instance, Wolfgang Gartner has a pretty consistent sound, but he has an alter-ego under which he has produced funky house and other genres. By being consistent, artists can sell more tracks because people know what to expect.

Finally, in regards to the alter-ego thing, there are numerous speculations as to who might be whom in the music world. A recent rumor was that Mord Fustang was actually Miles Dyson. Sometimes the rumors are correct, but most of the time they aren’t. Artists generally make their second persona (somewhat) public.

I think it depends on what kind of Producer/DJ YOU want to be…

Some producers dabble in various things, I hate to always use Deadmau5 as an example but he does have breakbeats, dubstep, prog house, tech house, techno, chillout, etc. etc. all going on for him.

Another good example for me here is Michael Woods, he has Chillout, Prog House, Tech House and Trance all going on…

Some producers use a seperate alias to create music in another genre, eric prydz produced some fantastic things with his Cyrez D alias. Richie Hawtin left his psycho to plastikman is another good example.

My favourite example is Jon Gooch, he produces DnB under his Spor alias, darker dubstep/dont know through Seventh Stitch and amazing Electro House and Dubstep through Feed Me. Each alias has its own distinct style and each one is really good.

Some producers will stick to one genre and one genre only (personally I have the least respect for these producers).

Personally I think it doesnt matter which one of these you go for, but what does matter is to dabble in a bit of everything. Does not mean you have to release it though. Producing a bit of everything will teach you cool techniques used in one style so that you can apply it to another.

I always try to make me some techno cause I just feel it relies a lot more on its percussion than other genres and feel my percussion has improved cause of it (not good yet though). I give chillout music a go every now and then cause I just feel a chillout start and breakdown is just awesome if done right (done right being the key words there, its f’n hard to apply, but the tracks that get it are just wow). You see the point I hope.

tl;dr: You dont have to post up/release everything you produce, it is very important to dabble in a variety of genres though.

My personal opinion is that you have to define your personal style. If that will be included in one of the genres already existent , fine , you’ve found your musical identity and you should go with it. If you find your own original style, congratulations. I really think that major artists are capable of switching genres but don’t want to , purely because they’ve found their reflection in a certain style of composition and synthesis.

I really just think it’s a matter of “feel”. I have to say I hate the brostep prostitution that happens these days.

+1 for the awesomeness of John Gooch !

i have a few examples of artists branching out to different genres

Animalis famed psytrance producer also produces some tech house under Elay Lazutkin

Maetrik techno---->Maceo Plex tech house

this is so interesting topic, i have thought a lot about this lately

doing always the same style is good for your success, most fans, specially the younger and more fanatics won’t understand you doing different styles

These people follow certain labels, radio shows, festivals which are always style based, doing different styles means you won’t be fitting these channels, which won’t help to your success

on the other hand, doing always the same style is BORING, and won’t fulfill your creative artistic soul

so its all about if you are a prostitute of money or you are a real creative person who makes music for love and enjoy discovering how many different art disciplines you are able to accomplish

if you think about it most big stars do only one style, which matches with what i said above about success and also makes them …

in this world we are all bitches, not only musicians, everyone is a prostitute, but there are levels and levels…

Pros : You get there many more listeners to like your music covering all the genres.

Cons: you need to stop putting a label on your style and just make good music from the soul!!!