I guys I was listening to some new progressive house and I and once again I noticed that one again pryda is making beautifull productions and I was questioning myself what make every production of him so great and I think it´s all in the melodies I can´t quite understand how he figures them out and  how he uses the chords and his synth sounds are always beautifull too. It would be great if you guys make a tutorial on this melodic prog house like pryda dinka and other melodic guys : D 

Add your name to this then: 

Pryda = Eric Prydz

Essentially very similar to the kind of stuff in the Swedish and Prog tutorials. Would love to see a future music video or something like that with him though as his sound design is obviously brilliant and his tracks sound amazing. Would also love to know who masters his stuff. Prob not gonna happen though which is a shame as he seems to be really secretive about his production techniques, studio gear; etc; in the interviews I’ve seen. His tracks are kind of basic in a sense but always have an amzing hook and are really well mixd and mastered. The guy just churns out massive records, would love to see how he goes about doing it.