Psy Trance Tutorial

hi guys, after browsing though the tutorial section i notice not one mention about psy trance, theres a massive worldwide audience for this music aswell, if you were to scope towards that for a few tutorials i would defo become a gold member so my request is as follows, thanks.

genre Psy trance

artist Avalon

track aggressive progressive

or anything along that line big epic psy trance

cheers :smiley:

sorry here is the youtube link - YouTube

Agree. Would love to see a psy-trance tutorial. I work in Reason so thats my vote on the program.

Genre; Psycadelic trance

Artist; SynSun

Song; Embryo

Link; SynSUN - Embryo - YouTube

(also available on “Spotify” but requires a client and registration)

i would LOVE to see a full on psytrance tutorial.  The Peak Time one was great and i am using some info from Tom Cosm but i’d love a SA tutorial on how to get that full on bush doof sound.:slight_smile:

Cosmosis psytrance video series

Psytrance videos in cubase:


Yes psy /goa trance would be nice especially in style of protonica,astrix,phanatic,

dynamic.I would say psy trance is more popular in Brazil,Portugal,India,Israel,Russia,

Spain,Japan rather than UK.Maybe that’s why no tutorials on SA.

Check some video parties below:


complete free video guides on how to make psytrance in cubase



I looked through the ‘Get That Sound: Psy Trance’ tutorial. Really interesting stuff, but I can’t believe the pretty much ubiquitous quack/squelch/zap sound (you’ll hear it at 2:19) wasn’t included:

[url=]- YouTube

I know how to make it myself, but it would make a good little addition to the tutorial. It’s pretty much one of the defining noises of psy of the last few years and it’s remarkably versatile.