Pumpin Progressive House

I’ve been away from producing for nearly a month (tip: never again) Big inspiration from the masters Komytea on this one… I’ve not got round to adding FX and doing a mix-down just yet so if some things are loud and others too quiet just bear with it :w00t: Enjoy and feedback is more than welcome :wink:

CdR - Time for the past (V.3) by d-aRe

its a really great track, i think my main gripe would be that it didnt grab my interest untill the first break, really liked it after that, my other gripe would be and this no reflection on the track is that ive been listening to progresseive house for about 18 years now, yes im an old bastard of 33 and ive heard this kinda track sooooooooo many times, its a bit like the trance scene(tho not as bad) the majority of stuff hasnt really progressed for me, i guess i’d like people to come out of their comfort zone a bit more and experiment more, not just with the sounds but musically, like do a progressive track that would go well with michael myers stabbing somebody :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway thats my beered up rant, it is a nice track and i could see it being released :slight_smile:

ha thanks man, I didn’t realise that you were such a prehistoric creature :wink: I get what you’re saying about moving the genre forward and being creative… This one is a little change for me as it’s not as melodic as my normal work, I always had that more “minimal” (not your type of minimal!) vibe in mind, wanted to go for less and push the track forward with the few elements I created…

I’m still really learning the ropes dude, I want to brush up on my production techniques and song writing, then I can jump outta my shell :w00t: and really start mixing things up, got I few cool ideas in my noggin for the future…

Hope it wasn’t the stella last night :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe cool man, yeah were all still learning and that will probably never stop to some degree but you know its not just about moving forward but i think taking a look back and even moving the goal posts back a bit but mixing it up with whats happening today, theres so many great original tracks from over the years in prog house

heres a few prog tracks that hold a special place in my heart from over the years, you probably know them

Derek Howell - SACRED CYCLES(DEREK HOWELL Mix) - YouTube

Atlas - Compass Error (Tarrentella & Redanka Remake) - YouTube

- YouTube

maybe you can take some inspiration from these, i dont know if i could ever make tracks as good as these but i reckon you could as you have a good ear for strong melody :slight_smile:

Real cool track, nice basslines and love the synth in the break.


dude listening to the Derek Howell track makes me feel ****! it’s absolutely awesome :w00t: My musical abilities are what let me down when I want to get ideas out, playing a keyboard and learning my scales etc. would help me out a lot… but I don’t put aside any time for that, I’m always itching to make tunes :smiley: I’ll be posting me next one soon, it’s full of melodies and back to my old ways! Let me share one of my absolute favourites with you:

Eric Prydz - Pryda - Aftermath - YouTube


@Rob Mitshi

thanks man, I have a high tenancy to over exaggerate my basslines and snares… I’m trying out more subtle styles too but I always go back to what I know best! :stuck_out_tongue:

Really liked this track, especially the 5:40 mark, the melody there was fantastic, a great dance tune for sure dude!

The bassline and leads just work together perfectly, definately something to take note on for my own productions.

Another really good one mate.

Maybe a little FX lite for me but no denying it’s a solidly produced piece. :cool:


Thanks man, this one was a tribute really for Producers Komytea, awesome at what they do!!


Putting in FX for me is like making the track again :w00t: usually if I’m sure I’m definitely finishing a track then I’ll spend more time on that part… otherwise I just want to get the next idea into Ableton!!!

cheers man :wink: