Punchier Drums

Just wanted to share this with you guys. Schaack audio transient shaper. I place this in one of the Drum Racks returns (not the channel returns.) Push up the sends on Kick and Snare to 0dB. Bring down the return volume (Which has the trans. shaper.) to about -12dB. Mess with the attack and decay to your taste. Adds a real nice click to the front of your drum sample. Schaack has an awesome saturation knob too, which can be applied to more than just drums! I’ve found this trans. shaper to be the easiest to work with. Other trans. shapers are a bit harder to get a nice attack. Just be aware of output level of the return. To much will be ear piercing and will kill the body of your drum.

interesting, i am always trying to find ways to improve my drums as i hate my drums, would you be up for posting a before and after audio clip ? to demo the effect ?br

For sure, I will! I’ll post something in a few hours.

Nice will have to give it a try how much does it cost?br
Ive just been using parallel compression and or sausage fattener which works quite well :slight_smile:

Yeah I find sausage fattener heroic on kicks and snares!