Q. about Connecting Monitor Speaker to Laptop

Hey, I have been connecting my speakers (Mackie MR8s) to my laptop with a rca/rca>stereo into my headphone input. I have read about audio interfaces but I don’t know much about them. Will an audio interface give me a better connection to my speakers resulting to better sound quality?

If so what do i need to look for because they are not cheap and would like to know if the price is worth the benefit, if any.

Connections Available on my speakers are

RCA (unbalanced)

XLR (balanced)

TRS (balanced)

I have the same situation at the moment.

I have just built my own studio in a spare room in the house, currently use my MacBook PRO loaded w/ Ableton and just purchased the BEHRINGER Monitor Speakers and they have RCA connectors so i know i can connect them up however, is there any benefit from buying anything else? As you say, will it enhance the sound…