Qualitys choice - shine

Hi guys any comments appreciated. Thanks in advance.

One thing that struck immediately is the unbalanced soundstaging of the track.

Too much is on the left, at first I thought it was just my headphones but I tested some other tracks so must be your track. Would definately check that.

Another thing is I cant really tell if your kick is all mono, sounds likes its a bit stereo? Might want to correct that.

Also I did feel as though I have heard the sound a lot before? Maybe through sample packs?

Otherwise I enjoyed the track! Nice elements and funky.

There’s indeed something with the balancing.

Would pan the piano a bit to the sides or a bit left. Keep that bassline in the middle, like the kick.

The trumpet stab could be stabbed slightly to the right. You do have the vocal on the right, and I would place it more on the sides, a bit away from the middle.

But this is definitely good work. Sounds, when properly finished, something for Defected or Hed Kandi :smiley:

Nice work mate, I have to agree with the lads here there is some stereo issues that needs addressing. Seems to be a lot of energy over to the left and the kick needs to be centred and more prenounced, perhaps add a click to it too, & make sure you have the main parts sidechained to the kick so it helps ride more.

Otherwise i really like the sounds and the track, defo something that i’m into.

Thanks for the feed back guys it’s much appreciated. One of the problems I have is that I had to mix in headphones. Not ideal I know but with two young children I don’t have any other option - would like to listen on some proper monitors. Will take what you all said on board and try and fix the mix. I also need to finish the second part of the track :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

I have had another go at mixing down taking your comments on board.

1.) Added a click to the kick

2.) Added some filter movement to paino riff.

3.) tried to balance the sound stage better.