Quantising Audio as good as quantise for MIDI


I have a MIDI hardware synth and I want to loop and overdub to audio quickly. At the moment I am using Logic and I tend to record in the MIDI, quantise and then render to audio which is a bit of a pain and kills the vibe when overdubbing lots of syntn lines

I have seen some videos on youtube where the producer seems to have a launchpad with Ableton starting the loop, recording some sounds, arming the next track, recording some more and then they just keep going until all of the overdubs are done. If I go down this route and start quantising the audio will it be as good as recording the MIDI part, quantising it and then rendering to audio? I know having a bit of randomness can help the groove but go too far and it can sound wonky. I have applied some groove templates to audio in Logic and it doesn’t always sound right