Qucik Q - Sugar Bytes

If I buy Consequence, do I need Thesys? It was Thesys I was going for originally, but after watching the vids for Consequence, it seems to be the same thing, but expanded. I may be wrong. Am I?

hey, last time i looked into consequence it could only use its internal synth to make sound…as in it cant send midi out to your other synths while thesyus could. Consequence has an awesome arppeggiator and chord sequencing is pretty cool, i think theysus does some of what consq does but is more broad and midi output…

But that may have been updated so just make sure consequnce does midi out to other synths now if you need that, other than that i dunno whats better for you.

No, you’re quite right. I missed the bit about the internal synth. Thesys is it. Such an amazing tool.