Question about ANA

Hey guys, I was wondering if you could tell me what the Mgsw is. Im just interested to know how many osc are play detuned saws to make it up and are they all playing one octave or a number of octaves. I think the trance type of lead sound you get out of ANA is a heap better sounding then sylenth.

The megasaws have tons of layers. Sometimes 3 octaves but they are all different.

They also have reverb on them… Which is probably the special ingreedient that gives them their distict sound.

does that mean adding more reverb would be a bad idea then? Should I seperate the megasaw from the other osc into 2 ANA instances so that I can reverb the osc alone?

Ok cool phil you guys did a really good job with making this synth different and awesome

No wing the reverb on all day.