Question about Drum Racks

I have finally been turned to the dark side and have decided to retire Impulse. I was just wondering, say i have a reverb set up on Return Channel A how do i send my individual drum hits inside of Drum Racks to it?

You really should search Jan…  this has been answered 1000 times

If you go to your drum rack there is the “Show/Hide Chain List Button” on the left.

Open it to see the chains. From there four new buttons will show themselves at the bottom left corner of the drum rack. Open the bottom three (I-O, S and R).

Opening the “R” button will show a new box under your Chains, create a chain in that box (Its basically a return inside the Drum Rack). On the right there is a drop down menu, use that to route it to the send you want to send it to.

Use the Sends besides the chains in the upper box and send it to the return channel you routed to the send you want.

Sorry if that came off confusing :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW when you drop a sample into one of the pads it automatically creates a chain for you in that upper box… Usually :stuck_out_tongue:

Delete that Mistro before he reads it :wink: :smiley: :laugh:

Thnx for that mate.

Seeing as no1 else uses the search function I dont see why I should…

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