Question about "KICK *** KICK" course

Hi Sonic Academy

Yesterday on a visit at friend I first time has seen “KICK A$$ KICK”


At first I have thought: “Woow, cool trick!”

But my following thought: “How can i get my own: SUBs, MIDDLEs, TOUGHs,

HIGHs etc to use this trick?”

Yes, you gave us nice constructor from own “boxes”.

But now it’s alike E-JAY vs CUBASE. Sure i can do some kicks but only in special range.

But it isn’t complete course without idea: HOW to MAKE OWN BOXES?

Fow example i’m workin in jump style

I have many kick samples of jump style

And sure i wanna try this trick for my samples

But how i can get my own “boxes” from my kick samples?

By EQ, by Envelope Shaper or just by cutting in audio editor?

I would be very grateful for the answer

It’s realy Missing Thing in this couse

Thank you for your time

Have a nice day!$$