Question about percussion ensembles

how can I make my percussion rhythms played by many people at the same time like in the samba ensembles or like in other african percussion ensembles ? (preferably in ableton)

dublicating the rhythm pattern (for example 20 times) then attaching different grooves to them and panning - tune/frequency shifting is an option maybe but seems not much satisfying.

There is a sonic concept in that maybe , or maybe the environmental soundscape gives its timbre … which I don’t know.

anyone has an idea about it ?

thanks in advance for all answers and suggestions :slight_smile:

There was a thing about polyrhythms in computer music magazine recently if thats what you mean? I’ll see if I can find wich one it was, might be some use.

but ,as far as I know, polyrhythm is another concept, that represents playing simultaneously but in different time signatures , for ex. playing kick drum at 4/4 and playing hi-hat at 9/8.

that means , playing different rhythm.

I wonder about playing exactly the same rhythm , as in the epic japan drum ensembles or samba ensembles etc.

even they beat the drums very softly , there is an occurance of a deep sound what I am searching for.

(and I need to add that , polyrhythm is also available in every ensemble, for syncopation, drum solo, variation , etc but foundation rhythm always stay same)