Question about posting a track

Hello Sonic Academy, PI have been a member for about 2 months and I have produced seriously for close to 2 years.nbsp; I use FL Studio to make my tracks I feel the courses can help out with any DAW you use I can adapt the same ideas into my DAW from the Ableton or Logic courses.nbsp; I watched the “Mainroom house” tutorial for Logic and I made a track very similar using a lot of the same sounds but with a little different melody I want to post this on my soundcloud account and I want to post it here also for some feedback.nbsp; I do not want to sell this track or anything but I do want to post this.nbsp; Is this OK?nbsp; And what should I name this track an edit or bootleg or re-edit and who should I give the credit to when naming this track?nbsp; /PPThanks,/PPDJ Raffi S

Yeah its cool to post to soundcloud and here. call it whatever you like. maybe just give us a mention in the description. :slight_smile: