Question about resampling

ok, so i just started using ableton a little over a month ago and one of my favorite features is resampling. Mainly because i have used logic for a while now and never used a tool like this. what i’m having trouble with is that i keep reading about how so and so resamples a loop like 12 times. Now does the mean if lets say they have a 4 bar loop they resample it, find a couple sections from that add it to the original loop then resample again then rinse and repeat however many times or do they resample the original 4 bar loop then move the resampled audio to the side and then add and change fx on the original loop then resample again, change more fx resample again and so on?

i hope this makes sense, any info about this would def. be appreciated.

Resampling for me is usually just used on a sustained single note or maybe chord.

my steps for an electro bass would be something like:

  1. get a phat saw from sylenth or other synth play a single sustained note
  2. add lots of distortion delays flange chorus filters or what ever.
  3. play back and resample the note in ableton… drop it in to simpler then add more fx
  4. repeat a few times.
  5. try layering some of the sounds by grouping in simpler
  6. add more fx and panning and resample
  7. repeat until it either sounds really good in which case you are done or really bad in which case you start again.

what Phil said!

thank you. i didnt think to use the simpler before i will go try that now.