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I t hink there was a misunderstanding, my question was more generally about how to deal with samples from other tracks (not from your site), regarding licensing. Lets say i have found a track on you tube and i like the pad and i want to use it in my own track and resample it etc. to fit in my track. Is it enough to show up this in the credits or do i have to get explicitly permission by the author?
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It’s more something to post in the Music tech Discussion category then :wink:

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That said, general rule of thumb is that you should always have clearance and rights for your samples !

Of course we all know that resampling is a technique used for decades and still going strong, but strictly speaking about copyright etc… it’s not allowed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now, there’s a huge difference between sampling a single sound or very short loop and processing it to make it sound different than the original than sampling the exact same loop or phrase and using it as it was in the original → but OK : who’s never used the Amen break drum loop in a track ?? :smile:

But on the legit side of things, resampling any audio source from content you didn’t create or don’t have any right for ( i.e : when you purchase a Sample Pack, you’re issued a Single User License for it ) is not permitted unless you have written agreement from the creator.

Of course, no one is following that rule and Hip Hop and many other genres won’t even exist if it was not about resampling :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s getting even more complicated with AI reproducing voices nowadays, there’s no much law frame around this yet, but there’s already claims from artists about it. Resampling from vinyl was and is still a form of art, what’s happening in the digital and AI era is very different IMO.

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