Question about vocals and kicks on some deep Miguel Migs tracks

I’d like to ask about the vocals and kicks for these tracks.

Miguel Migs - Soul Vibe

Miguel Migs - Soul Vibe - YouTube

Miguel Migs - Brand New Day

- YouTube

The track info says that they’re sung by LeGerald Normand, but what kind of processing and effects are they using on these vocals? It also sounds like there is some kind of double vocals going on. Is it also only a male voice here? It sometimes sounds like there’s a feminine part as the double. Or is there some effect used for this?

As for the kick drums, how are these fat kicks achieved? Are they programmed, sampled, what kind of parameters are used, etc?


The vocals sound like they have a touch of phaser on them… abletons one isnt to bad. think theres a free one called suppa phaser that is cool.

with the kicks its really just the case of finding the right sample. try finding a record with a clean one at the start and just sample it.

I don’t know too much about what phaser does to vocals, I’ll read up more on it. Is it responsible for the doubling effect you hear on the track? And is the trace of feminine vocals just the way the singer sounds?

What kind of records are good to sample from for this type of music? Old funk records? What if they are too thin sounding, how could we fatten them up?