Question for one of the tutors

would like to learn how to play the keyboard and learn some music theory i have no musical history apart from a bit of djing with ableton live and doing a few tracks from producer pack samples but would now like to make own sounds from scratch .your ableton production tutorials have been very helpful but i don’t know anything about root notes,intervals,chord progressions etc etc have scouted around the internet but have found nothing useful do you know where i could find any tutorials or dvds that would make a good starting point.thanks

Hi not one of the tutors - but there is a book called the dance music manual which is very good covers music theory, how to set up synths etc. Its really good - you can get the second addition from Amazon its about £20

hey you can also get these books “the complete idiots guide to music theory” and after your done reading that get “the complete idiots guide to music composition” im reading the music theory one now and learning a lot that i didnt know before well worth the buy.

cheers david

I’ve got a book called: Learn To Play Keyboards by Steve Ashworth

It’s really simplistic and well laid out, even comes with a CD to help you.


i have been working through the song writing source book… its all about chord structures and melody. not for total beginners but if you ca play a few chords on a keyboard you should get it ok.


also reading that one on songwriting… interesting if your doing a lot of lyrics.

Hi try this dude free piano and theory stuff V- cool:)

nice one all info very helpful