Question for Phil and Spence

Hi guys, im curious if you own any hardware synths? In the Kansas City Shuffle… you use the moog vst, would you of prefered to use a real moog instead? (i know its not essential but hardware analog sounds very sweet) :slight_smile:

i know this was a question directed at phil, but i would like to say that is you want something as close to the real thing as you can get then

Arturia Mini Moog V

Gforce Minimonsta

i have been lucky enough to have them side by side and with the real thing and will say that on about 80% of the programed sounds there really isn’t much in them, the minimonsta is a better all round emulation but can sound a little thin one the low-end from time to time. although i would really love to own the real thing but i really can’t see that anyone would be able to tell the difference, especially on the dance floor.

there are some other great emulations of hardware around. if you like i will list the ones that i have used and also owned the hardware version too.

Problem with hardware synths is integration into your System…

I used to have an all analogue studio with a loads of synths (digital & analogue) and a 56 channel mackie 8 buss… i spent a lot of time trying to save or recover patches or find the desk settings from that mix 2 days ago.

Having to repair hardware becomes and issue too if youve a lot of it.

the only thing i miss is having loads of controls and quick access.

Software Rules!!!

i agree with phil the only thing i used to miss is the knobs and faders (hands on approach) but know i have a vci and radium and can set any know or fader to any parameter i want

I really like to have hands on too. I just wish I could get this (even with just Operator and the other software instruments in Ableton) with my Akai MPK49. I just always seem to run into problems. I would love for it to handle like the Akai APC40. It would automatically map to whatever device you have activated.

hardwares overrated if u ask me

software does the same job

Thanks guys appreciate your thoughts… :smiley:

You can assign midi controllers to your software synths these days anyways so it just seems a bit pointless filling up space with hardware that has the potential to break or go wrong.