Question for Phil or Bryan

Hi guys.

Firstly i would just like to say that your videos have been a huge help and well worth the money. Keep em coming!

I’m a big fan of trance music and have attached 3 clips of tunes by Cosmic Gate. I love their style and despite attempts by myself at home, i can’t seem to work out how they achieve the huge basslines which dominate their music. They seem very wide, heavily distorted, and with a touch of movement. Any help or advice you could give with regards to how to produce this sound in a synthesiser would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, patrick.

F.A.V -

Not Enough Time -

Clockwork -

I think they are mainly just detuned saw waves with some tube saturation with heavy compression sidechained to the kick.

The hardest part with this type of stuff is getting the kick/bass balance right… to much synth and your kick sound under powered too much kick and your synths sound week.

also avoid any long reverbs or delays as you will lose the upfrontness of the synths

Its also really hard to tell if the balance is right with this stuff unless your hearing it loud

If you can post a clip to whatyou have so far maybe i could help more