Question - Is It Possible To Run Ableton Live off of a 128 GB Flash Drive

Just curious if anybody has tried running Ableton Live solely off of a flash drive or an external hard drive.  I have access to a computer at work but do not have administrative priviledges and can not download any software onto my computer.  I have some downtime every now and then and would love to be working on music production.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

~Jane (DJ Hopeful)

No. The libraries can be ran off of a usb drive, but not the actual software.

no :frowning: but you can have some fun with this [url=][/url]

option number two would be to install windows on an external drive, but it would need to be a firewire or e-sata drive because usb is a bit slow

than you could run system from an external drive, but its not possible on all computers, so bribing you tech wizz at the office is much better option :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes!! :smiley:

No - Definitely not at all! :w00t:

Maybe?! - :hehe:

[quote]seanl (21/05/2010)[hr]… bribing your tech wizz at the office is much better option :stuck_out_tongue:


+1 - The only way!

Do that :cool:

The answer is yes.

However your karma may take a slight hit if you aquire the portable edition.?

Yes, however it’ll be pretty slow… I personally run ableton off my local drive and then my samples etc on an external drive. Even that’s pretty slow.