Question on Tech House "Tutorial 5"


I have been following the How to make Tech House tutorial, and reached to Tutorial 5 without a problem.

On Tutorial 5 - Adding 808 and Sylenth Bass, I see we need to get the groove of the song by using a kick sound. At this point, instructor starts to play the drums without the hats and shakers, and clicks record on his new channel mounted with impulse and kick sample. Then Ableton Live automatically records and draws the groove on the video.

When I do the same, track starts recording, but it does not draw the groove inside. Probably I’m missing something here, perhaps a connection to this channel from other channels, because I can not see output signal on this channel on ‘track volume bar’. But I can see the output signal on the video.

Please help me here, I’m really stuck with this.

Thank you,


Any help guys? I’m really stuck here.

Im using my midi keyboard to play the groove in.

Ah, I haven’t thought this for some reason, haha my stupid, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

haha no problem… it does kinda look like magic when you watch it.