Question on using stems for remixing

so iv downloaded a pack of stems and the vox are split in to 2 separatenbsp;stems L and R./PPhow do i have them in ableton? one panned left and one right or both just in the center? why are they split like this?

They’ve probably for different FX on the left and right
Yeah i would guess that if you stick them together without panning them yourself, then the vocals will sit exactly as they sit in the
But you might want to use a less effected vocal, that’s probably why they have split the tracks to give you the choice?

yeah it will just be stereo split so pan Left and right.

oh right, cause i started the track just using one to see if it would work in the track… which it did, but then i didnt put the otherone in and iv still carried on working with the one and cut it up and stuff. so now iv got to do everything iv done to that one track all over again and pan one hard left and one right??

you could line them up and invert the phase of one to see if they are identical… in which case you only need one as they are both the
normally there would be overdubs that are panned etc. but might not be the case in this example.

Phil’s hit the nail on the head here, usually if they are titled with L and R it’s because they are panned. Although to be fair it could be that one is processed with FX and the other isn’
Look, what it comes down to really is this; there is no right or wrong, just listen to the parts you have and work with it, it’s YOUR remix, do with it what you like, if you want to push it through the arse crack of a camel and record what comes out the other end with a mic you got from a Happy Meal than so be it.

could it be that some DAWs (protools for one) splits stereo files into the seperate channels, l and r?

Not sure, but i seem to remember coming across something like this in the past, where some DAW’s give you an option of how you want to import stereo audio files, with options like spilt / interleaved
So i think you might be right - perhaps your DAW is on the wrong setting for importing audio files?

cool thanks guys. i lined them up and they are slightly different. luckily though the bits that i want to use are exactly the same tho, probs cause they are the main
i used your deep house tutorial actually phil to make a track with them if youd like to listen :slight_smile: br
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