Question to all who started with Sonic Academy and is now in producing :)

Hi guys, My search function is not working (maybe its the browser) But its a simple question. I am a Progressive House/trance Dj from Los Angeles. I am attempting to get into the producing game with Logic.

This is my Question: Did anyone here start with Sonic Academy tutorials for Logic as a complete production Newb (like me) and get a good momentum going? I want to subscribe and just wanted to hear unbiased opinions from Forum users.

Thank you everyone for your time :slight_smile:


buy all our stuff we are amazing!!! do it now!!!:wink:

we have about 20% logic stuff… if you know how to work logic well you will get loads out of the site. if you are just beginning and only use logic… there is enough stuff to get you through the basics and weve just released progressive house for logic.

theres some stuff like understanding compressors & reverbs which will work regardless of your daw.

id suggest hanging out for a bit look around the forums etc. and maybe even look at the ableton 8 demo see how it could be useful combined with logic.

everyone’s really friendly (except for roben :wink: ) so dont be afraid to ask basic questions.


i started on ableton but have been able to follow along on other daws just fine. before i joined i was pretty clueless about production.

all i can tell you if you have any doubts would be to make that small investment for a membership and dive into the tutorials.

i and many others here on the forums have talked about how much this site has changed our lives as producers. im sure it will have a great impact on you.

also the forums have a lot of friendly and helpful people to help with problems that come up.

this site is the key of knowledge you need as a foundation for producing, all you have to do is use it to open that door :slight_smile:

I am not a logic user but have learn’t alot here - you will find that there is alot of people on the forums who will help out and encourage you - unlike most music pro. forums I could mention

The vids also regardless what DAW they are in are very instructive and since you are into prog/house the tutorial alone is worth 3 months sign up fee

plus you get a commission for encouraging to sign up :stuck_out_tongue:

just kidding…

I’m sure you’ll find this site great value for money! I’v worked out that around £30 is what one hour at uni was costing me, so you can’t go wrong here :slight_smile:

very useful site mate. A year ago I couldn’t make any kind of music - my wife would probably say I still can’t but she likes trance so what does she know :wink:

I bought a tenori on, then Ableton and then signed up here. It’s been a great year and these guys have helped a LOT!

I started here, learned everything from here albeit odd bits here and there from resource.

I’ve been here 2 years and now have a track signed as well as two more under wraps :smiley:

I am living proof that SONIC ACADEMY WORKS!!

btw… LOL Phil :stuck_out_tongue:

I done a college course years ago on Reason 2.5 which was pretty good. I kinda stopped prodcution for a few years and picked up again after getting abletion 6 months ago. I would consider my knowlodge pretty strong before I joined I’ve learnt a hell of a lot more since joining here and I’m still a newbie to sonic

So for a newbie to production you will learn even more! Highly recommended for newbies and people with experience

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Thanks for everyone’s help.

I really did not mind the subscription, I just wanted unbiased opinions :slight_smile: I am just looking for a way to pave my own road in production, even if there are only introductions and basics. I am starting to learn Music theory Tomorrow. (Music Theory For Dummies Book LOL). And I will start hitting the tutorials.

Hopefully I can contribute to the forums soon :wink:

Honestly worth the money man ! Just the Music theory alone gets your money’s worth ! Different music theory books will definitely confuse you when you are starting out, go thru the tuts here and then get midi files online and identify chord sequences, melody and do it yourself. DAW doesnt really matter much, its just like using Windows or Mac OS. I think its been a month here for me or wait even lesser. Friendly ppl, good support staff and updates…!