Quick Question

Is there a bit-crusher in Live 7?

Because maybe i’m being silly but i cant find one, either that or it’s named something else.

Otherwise, does anyone have any Bitcrusher plug in recomendations? Pref something free.

It’s called Redux :slight_smile:

As for freebie’s, I like Tal Crusher from Togu Audio-Line.

You can get it here - http://kunz.corrupt.ch/

While you are there pick up all the other synths and plugs too… they’re all awesome and free especially TAL Dub, TAL Bassline (SH101) and Tal Uno 62 (Juno60).

Cheers bro!

Mate i hate that bitcrusher, just tried it now and it’s horrid compaired to Cubase’s one, i’ll have to try the download and see if that’s any better.

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Texan :slight_smile:

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