Radio Promotion and Promo Pool


I was shopping around for a good promo service fot my tunes and label and I found these 3 guys , and

I was wondering if any of you have have tired them and if they are worth the money:D

Especially media to radio which charges 200 buks per release.


Media2radio are really good, i’ve been with them pretty much since they launched, i’ve countless promotions every day from them and they’re all good releases, albeit whether they’re the kinda thing i’d play or not.

If i was going to use a promotion service I wouldn’t hesitate to use M2M.

zipdj I’m registered with since my days working for the label, however even as label manager /artists and tastmakers we had to pay for a subscription?? Which didn’t make any sense, so I never bothered with them. We did give them some tracks though.

No idea about, i’ve not used them.

You may also want to look at

Ok just checked out release promo and can see why I dont use them

“Membership to Release Promo costs $59 USD per month.

If you are accepted, you may pay by Paypal or Credit Card.!”

I believe that companies who charge their members are usually the companies who are just supplying to DJ’s who probably rarely play out, which defies the point of being a TASTEMAKER. This is because they make money out of them so they are less selective over who they accept to send promos too. Plus most known DJ/producers have free promos coming out their ears so arnt going to subscribe to companies like these.

You have to ask yourself, do you want known DJs supporting your tunes and actually playing to real people each week/month, or bedroom DJs who might manage their family and best friend once in a blue moon.

They’re probably less likely to make any difference to the Cool Cuts chart either, which is your key chart for success.


200 pounds per release

holy f###, so once you pay they submit it to people in the industry and make them play it or do those people have the option not to if they think the tune is crap? I could see how it could be a good return on investment but also maybe a big loser.

It’s up to the DJ whether he/she/they play the tune.

Thing is, promotion is expensive but £200 isn’t really a lot when you think that it’s then marketed across the world to leading radio stations and DJs. More listeners to the tune effectively means more exposure, more exposure = more sales.

Could even possibly get considered for licensing in other parts of the world and possibly compilations.

media2radio costs quite a bit per release!.. is the end result worth it for each promo? :ermm:

Yeah I’d say it’s worth it, everyone (so many labels & big name labels to mention) uses them so it can’t be all bad.

Try looking at too.

Check out:

You can haggle Media2radio down to £150 per release

I took a look at these services, and I think dj roben is missing something… clearly release promo and zipdj are businesses. they don’t charge labels for promotion. therefore they charge the DJs, for the privilege of gaining access to the music.

if the service is free to the labels then someone has to pay to keep businesses like them going. on the other hand media2radio charges the labels and therefore doesn’t have to charge the DJs… it’s the same thing but reversed. many top DJs use services like release promo and zipdj… they pay for the music to support the industry, like most DJs, I hope.

companies such as zipdj pay royalties back to the labels on their promo releases, and with the current state of our industry I think we need more support and less ego.

It’s nothing to do with Ego, maybe you don’t understand the point of promotions.


  • Something devised to publicise or advertise a product, cause, institution, etc., as a brochure, free sample, poster, television or radio commercial, or personal appearance.

    When something needs spreading to the masses, no matter what product it is, doesn’t have to be music, the company / label uses marketing and recourse to get their product out to the masses.

    In the music sense, the best way for record labels to do that is to be getting their tracks aired on radio and played in clubs and bars. Listeners like the track then go out and buy it, that’s how it works.

    M2M is ‘Media 2 Radio’, which is a promotions service which gives labels the opportunity to get their music aired across the world on Radio.

    If people don’t know about the track, how can they buy it?

    Promotion is the best possible way of getting your music (or any product for that matter) known.

    Besides £150 /£200 is next to nothing when you think your music will get aired across the world to potential buyers.

    Just printing flyers for promotion for a local club night costs about that!