Raindrops - Result of Progressive House Tutorial


Here is a result of spending 2 days with the new progressive house tutorial. I used my own drums and programmed all the sounds based on the tutorial… didn’t use any of the resource files…

So in a nut shell… WOW I LEARNED LOTS! Thank you guys!!! Keep those tutorials coming!!! :slight_smile:

This is just an example of the audio file I created using the tutorial exactly as they did in it… The point is… if I can do it… you can…

But now the goal is to create you own! LOL

Raindrops by MicahJames

the two days you have spent are definetely not wasted days :wink:

i dont like progressive house sooo much, but your build-up is very nice and to me it sounds quite professionell

very impressive … the builds and drops sound very good… mix sounds nice and tight. good work!:slight_smile:

Guys thank you!

Sonic Academy has changed everything!! It gets me excited! LOL

Nice Micah very nice, everything sounds tight and you’re breaks work nicely, the energy ebs and flows all the way through.


yeah but thats all sonic academys work…

im on the same tutorial and mine sounds same lol

LOL tis true…

Although I did use all my own drums and programmed all the sounds… and made my own melody… so now its time for a bit more originality…!

nice 1!!

i do the same.

i dont do the resources subsription.

just use whatever i have available