Ram jam black betty

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comments and feedback appriciated

Nice track man loving the feel of it…only suggestion is a but of compression to give it more of a punch it sounds rather dry but all the musical elements are there just needs some touching up on dynamics

hey man, I agree with subject1, if you can push out the sounds (compression/what ever) it will give this mix more drive, another suggestion is when it comes back in @4:00 after the break add some additional chords in to change it up and grab the listeners interest, the same chord progression throughout the track allows the listener to zone out…

good start

Good start.

I think you need some dirtier instruments on there. The original really had a nice drive to it. This remix just sounds too flat compared to what the original was. I was expecting some heavy guitars or some nice dirty electro element in there. Also  adding some full chords to it would be nice and possibly incorporating some of the more melodic elements.

I think you picked a good song to remix, but there is loads more to what you can do with it.

Keep at it.:wink:

Love the original and your doing a grand job with it but agree with the above - with a little more work this could be huge

Hmm I think I might have a crack at this to celebrate my 1000 follower when it happens

can i just say firstly say thankyou to each one of you for stopping by and commenting it really is much appriciated as nobody usually bothers so this really is a nice change

secondly i totally agree with you all but unfortunatly i aint really skilled enough yet to do all of the above yet…that soundcloud version is dry nothing is on the master it does sound a lot better with the l3 on the end lol

if any of you are piano skilled and have some chord ideas and would like to collab im in the leeds area and would love it