Randomize Tweaks

I love the fact that you guys added a randomize feature. It’s great for finding starting points for FX and such.

One little niggle that I have, though. It randomizes the state of the Chord Hold / Learn button. Which is really useless, IMO.

After hitting Randomize, if the button is enabled, your initial keyboard input is simply routed to the learn queue and does not play notes. It also randomly queues up notes in the Chord. I find it counter productive while using randomize. Personally, I’d rather not have a Chord built at all for random sounds.

Also, the vol button is randomized. Sometimes it results in a very low vol, so I have to turn up the sound to hear the results.

There may be a few more that I run into as I use ANA. I’ll add to this thread as I run across them.


Also, the ASDR sliders aren’t very random. The A and R tend to randomize on the high side. Hit randomize a dozen or so times in a row and notice that they rarely go to a lower value. This results in sounds that either take forever to become audible or last for nearly a minute before fading.

Obviously, it’s fixable by simply manually sliding them down, but needing to do it for every press of Randomize gets tedious fast.

+1 on the env

Sometimes I seem to get something usable out of randomize, but everytime you gotta drop down those env sliders

Cool will add it to the List


You know… This might be a hassle to code. but adding a randomize lock to parameters would be great

So if you are looking to make a short stabby lead sound.  but you are open to how it sounds.  You can lock the envelope but have everything else randomized. 

Even if the randomize lock was only applied to the envelopes. the ADSR settings, that would be awesome.