Range in multi band compression

hey sonic, just a quick question. what does range mean on a multiband compressor?

tried to find an answer on google but cant

sorry. i’ve posted this in the wrong place

what plugin is it you are using… they all use slightly different terminology

waves linear phase multiband

Haven’t you got the LinMB.pdf with it?

There it explains you all in detail:

[quote]The Range may seem unfamiliar and basically it is in place of the well-known Ratio, but it defines both the intensity of gain adjustment and the limit of gain adjustment.[/quote]

Next chapter tells you even more:

[quote]Sets the possible range of the dynamic gain adjustment and also its intensity,

replacing the classic “Ratio” control and adding a firm boundary to it. Negative

Range means that when the energy exceeds the threshold a gain reduction

will be applied, while positive Range means boosting it further.[/quote]

And in Chapter 5 they go really into detail.

mate, i hate reading manuals and PDF’s more than anything :crazy:

get angry just at the thought of it lol

thanks a lot for your help though :wink: