RE: French Electro House Bassline Plugins

Can you please post an example of what you’re talking about? Even the included instruments in the Suite version of Ableton could probably make the bass that you are talking about. Guitar Rig though is a great plugin to make those electric grimey sounds. You could even use old fashioned distortion too!

Pretty sure you’ll be able to get that sound with most synths, i would try a 303 emulation for this particular sound to start with.


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The original 303 was designed in the 1980’s to replicate the electric bass guitar but became for famous for another sound i can’t quite remember lol

it should be good enough to achieve the sound you want, just stay away from the overdrive and too much resonance, or you may find your self eating tooo many of these :slight_smile: and dancing round your house with the hoover a 2 am