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Hey everyone @ sonic academy …. I trust that everyone is well … just a short post to say Absolutely “GRAND” that you took my idea on board regarding the whole “how to sound like Deadmau5” … I’m trucking on in the studio allot these days but just every now and then need that extra bit of help …

I’ll try continue to look for original sounding production techniques that artists are using and post them and hopefully U guys can continue to pop up tutorials explaining the process of achieving these sound of certain artists …

I concur with one of the other member though, it would be double awesome if all the files and samples of the vsts used in the videos could be posted or e-mailed as well to our account as well.

Regards DC

Hey guys,

I trust dat you’ve had yourself an awesome and productive start to the week … Loved the basic introduction overview of putting together dance tracks with ableton live and the whole site in general and what you guys are all about …

I have been having fun with making dance music for a while now, but

It would be awesome to see a more advanced step through in regards to getting more intricate bass lines and production values out of ableton, taking music production to the next level!

As of l8 I have bin listening to the filthy production wealth of Deadmau5, and would love a tutorial to shed light on how he arranges music with such complex sound-scapes and space … This would be SOO COOL

Respectful Regards DC

I really only touched on a few ideas that he is using… if you have any more specific Qs about his sound please let us know and ill try to figure it out and do more tutorials.

Ur a weapon of a Ableton production wizard MR Phil Johnston with a wealth of knowledge and understanding. The ideas you touched on were spot on … thank U for also l8er combining the tutorial with the samples (makes it easier to duplicate then later switch out for different, new or variations of the sample).

Regarding more specifics of his sound other tracks of his include (these are the main sounds that I would to be able to capture and utilize in my tracks):

  1. Purple Code - The Rising (Deadmau5 Remix): typical electro prog muddy feel

  2. James Talk - Remote (Deadmau5 Remix)

  3. Deadmau5 - I remember: can’t seem to find a pad that sounds close

  4. Eric Prydz - Shadows, Europa

  5. Deadmau5 – Arguru

    The above tracks can be found on you tube to preview.

    I watched the funky house tutorial and saw the cheeky way of laying out sounds to create the main vocal arrangement … What plug in did U use to pitch Ur voice up to make it female and then what did U use to harmonize the vocal on those last two channels (how did you dump all the takes in the Chorus group track channel)

I have a tutorial going up later on the Vocals

PS. i didnt pitch my voice! i just sing like a girl!:crying:

Tooo FUNNY Phil … dats hilarious:w00t: … Definitely a blessing though as it would certainly cut down lead time in getting product done & one can always get a vocalist to re-sing the part later as U mentioned :wink:

Look forward to watching the tutorial specific to the process of recording arranging duplicating and harmonizing vocals to give that nice space within a track … I have access to autotune, melodyne, & harmony engine (if this helps)


On another note I am having loads of fun utilizing the FM synthesis within Ableton live,

I have found a you-tube video - YouTube

Which has someone recreating “Bodyrox - Yeah yeah”, the typical D Ramirez AKA Dean Marriott electro poster boy … More in depth Tutorials on this would be awesome