RE: minimal tech tutorial (HTSL Dubfire)

please post examples links etc.

dubfire style plz

Loveparade 2008 - Dubfire - YouTube

Dubfire - Roadkill (EDX Acapulco at Night Remix) - YouTube


anyone else interested in a Dubfire HTSL?

definitley phil !!

those slowley building, hypnotic tracks are so awesome …

some tipps how u think they do it would be super cool ! :cool:

always up for vids regardless what genre - theres always some knowledge in there for everyone to use in their own tracks …


Yeah one on dubfire would be good!

oh yeah! and add a little format:b flavor to it for fun! I’ve been hoping that the mnml tuts would continue. I’ve got a good grasp on it now, but would love to get some more pointers. My arrangements still seem a bit generic…


Yeah I’m well up for a Dubfire How to… one of my fav producers are the moment :smiley:

Count me in Phil!!

yes!! f*** :hehe:

Dubfire !!! :smiley:

As he did several 1° Hits on the Beatport overall charts, he fits perfectly in the same category as the swedish house mafia or mark knight on this point of view, so it’s definitely worth a tutorial I’d say.

Plus his sounds are even played by several “commercial” DJ’s. Think of Roadkill, which was played by everyone I can think of…

Personally I’d like the tutorial to be more “Dios” or “Diablo” turned. Just amazing, and they might contain some techniques we didn’t discuss yet.

Oliver Huntemann & Dubfire - Dios (Original Mix) - YouTube

- YouTube

Yea i would be interested in watching a HTSL Dubfire tutorial, have found all the tutorials ive watched so far really helpful and have picked up some great tips! :slight_smile:



man how great would that be to see a vid on how to sound like DIOS from Dubfire … o my god … that would be so cool !!!

+1 !

I would definitely love to hear a tutorial on Dubfire as well!


+1 for this and Format B

Oooooooooooooooh yeah!! :smiley:

Defo Format B they play Disco Electronica and there last live set the other week was awesome!!!

+1 for dubfire & format B:)

DUBFIRE Tutorial next… oh please :slight_smile:

dubfire-roadkill - YouTube classic

Oliver Huntemann & Dubfire - Dios (Original Mix) - YouTube future classic