This thread hasn’t nearly got as heated as I was expecting! Good on you guys!

Wars - It’s true, Great Britain is a big fan of the war. Look at the world a couple hundred years ago; the crown ruled SO much of the world it was daft.

Roben - nobody likes a sweaty sock :slight_smile:

9/11 - I love the conspiracy theories around this. I’m as yet, and always will likely be, undecided about this. I’d be more inclined to sway towards it being an inside job, but then I just agree with everything Michael Moore says.

Taxes - Howie, you’re f*cking right fella, UK taxes are absolutley daft. I was getting about 40-45% of my pay taken off me each month, council tax, TV licence bla bla bla. That’s why I don’t live in the UK any more. That and the chavs.

Media - I ignore pretty much everything but the local papers because of the daft crap that they put out. It’s very controlling and I do my best not to get ‘controlled’ by the media. That being said… I was in Mal Mart yesterday and it was AWESOME. Seriously, you people in the UK can knock it, but until you see the pure majesty that is Wal Mart you know nothing, NOTHING I TELLS YA. :slight_smile: