Reading Homepage

Just interested…

How many of us, sit on the site, looking at the homepage to see if anyone has posted?

Just caught myself doing it here like an (almost) obsessive manic, cos I’m doing some v.boring coursework. Its so distracting. Not getting anything done.

Just flicking refresh to keep my sanity alive really! :w00t:

I suppose if you’ve posted in a few topics, you want to see if you’ve got a reply.

Ultimately, with the lack of Email notification, thats what you gotta do.

Now… back to the griiiiiind :pinch:

lol i was doing this earlier and looking at the “whos on” tab :slight_smile:

basically i need to find something to do

haha! I do that too…

Have never seen anyone else doing it at the same time though… would be very embarrassing!