Reaktor + Ableton sound generators and resampling

Anyone know of any tech tip tutorials about using Reaktors sound generators and samplers such as ultraloop and skapes inside Ableton and resampling the audio. Is there any such tutorials in the archives @SonicAcademy

Hey @Keon1 we actually have a reaktor course in the works - we are looking at Native Instruments Blocks - should land next month!

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Cool @chris_agnelli great stuff … looking forward to it.
Just another thought , what about reaching out to TwistedTools to do a mini tutorial on there stuff and how to incorporate into Ableton and best ways to cut samples from sound generators.
That’s one of my main problems … I get these all VST’s and have a play around with them . Then I struggle to put into practice and how best to integrate them with my Genre and how best to use them…
Not only TwistedTools either. Output stuffs another one I’d be interested to know how to best incorporate with my Genre btw Techno .
Keep up the good work . @sonicacademy has to be the best tutorial site in my opinion … :sunglasses: