Really Frustrated

I purchased the “How to make Advanced Minimal Techno” tutorial and I used 7zip and winrar to unzip my purchase, and it will only let me open the video files… ALL of the sample and ableton live files all have a ._ in front of the file and it tells me that they are all corrupt. I am using windows 7 and ableton live 8 suite. PLEASE HELP! I have been waiting almost a week and a half to get my hands on this tutorial and I am really frustrated that I cant start in on it, other than watching the videos.


could you do a screen shot of your folder so i can see what the problem might be?

Thank you, fortunately i figured it out. Man am I stoked about this tutorial… I cant even describe the gratefulness I feel right now for the hard work Sonic Academy has put into these… WOW!!!

This is exactly what I needed to take me to that next level.



Let us hear how you get on.