Really like the mainroom house stuff!

Its not all doom and gloom from me im really enjoying this series and i think Phil has done a great job it will be nice to see the final part of this series and see how the track comes together. The only thing that sounds awfull is the vocal it needs more added to the complex pro transient thingy. Its not all bad just some of the phrases she uses dont sound too good. Why didnt you just use melodyne Phil i noticed you covered it in a previouse tutorial. Tbh i think detuning the clip like you did is ok, just add some to the complex pro and fix any individual phrases with melodyne. I remember reading that in the vocal version of SHM’s One that Axwell spent ages moving the same vocal around in Melodyne and creating nice harmonies. Mabey a nice idea for your main breakdown and the last big part of the track where you have everything playing. Just my thoughts but awesome series!

I wanted to show stuff you can do for free… Melodyne is £300 so most won’t have it… I’ll defo be looking at the box again in more detail.

is melodyne basically an autotuner?

Basically in laymans terms. Melodyne lets you record a vocal into it and it shows you the individual words and phrases accross a piano roll. From there the user can move it up and down the piano roll. You can auto tune or detune or move phrases up and down to create original harmonies for the original vocal recorded into it. It also uses something called D.N.A. which converts your vocal to a midi part which is awesome and they claim its revolutionary technology. I think you can even use it to get your vocal in time. Its awesome, listen to the vocal version of One by SHM, where he sings i wana know your name name name name etc that is melodyne in action as its the same vocal moved around the keys.