Reason 4 filter automation

just started working through the first few modules of the beginner’s reason course and got a bit snagged trying to add the automated filter sweep to the NN-XT synth chords (module 3). my reason version 4 seems to work completely differently to the tutorial video, which is reason 3 i think, and i can’t quite work it out. admittedly i am only getting started on all of this, but do you have any quick and simple tips on working the filter automation in reason 4 so as i can get my NN-XT chords sorted as per the demo and move on to the next module? excellent tutorials though, apart from the filer automation snag i’ve just spent a very enjoyable couple of hours working through the first few modules, which were really well-explained, simple and clear…love it :slight_smile:

many thanks


hey steve ,if you hit the  record button and move the filter knob on the nnxt reason will record the automation for you in a seperate lane in the sequencer underneath the notes  just double click on the automated part after you have recorded it and then use the little hinges to move the automation or you can draw it in hope this helps man!:slight_smile:

nice one egg

i dont have a copy of reason 4 handy at the minute but the sequencer in both 3 and 4 are quite similar, and eggs info should do the trick!

if not let me know and ill look into it!


cool man :slight_smile:

cetainly does help :slight_smile: record the automation and move the filter dial and then draw in the fine-tuning in the sequencer, cool…i think i was just trying to draw it in straight into the sequencer window without twiddlin’ me knobs and actually recording the movements first…an obvious mistake in hindsight, but it all makes sense now.

thanks for taking the time to help man, i appreciate it a lot :-))

peace and beats

steve k

s’all good man, sorted, thanks to a good egg (tee hee…sorry, couldn’t resist)

seriously though cheers for the support lads, i appreciate it!

peace and beats

steve k

right, sussed it :slight_smile: filters are kinda fun aren’t they!!!

thanks again lads


nay probs man :slight_smile: