REASON 5 is comming!

New Feature Alert.

Its absolutely mad expecting people to be excited by the concept of “live” sampling into reason. Basically the ability to record & use audio directly into the samplers…

Press a button on the NN19 / NNXT and on any channel in Redrum & it opens up a sample editor.

So finally - theres now the ability to esreveR a sample in Redrum.

Wow… and Thank f***!

I hope there is some basic Eqing available in this sample editor, otherwise its going to be another saga ridden, long drawn out feature which wont appear until Version 9 at least.



Sounds interesting. I could never get my head around Reason 4 (I think, or maybe 3, can’t remember) because there seemed to be so much to figure out and learn. In the end up I gave up and moved to Fruity which was ok, but I got bored of it. I now use Ableton, which I love, but definitely might take a wee revived interest in Reason 5 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up mate.

Guys - Have you seen the new MPC / Guru-ish (maybe…) Kong Drum Designer?

Looks really really good actually.

Like the whole Perc section. The Props are totally gone 110% Hip Hop.

But it does look excellent I have to say. Fair play to them.


The KONG Drum Designer is the Hammer ! I think its a really great Upgrade !

Well, done Props !:stuck_out_tongue: