Reason(slave) to Live (host) question (synth related)

hey there i’ve been hanging around sonic for sometime and it has really come to me a good synth is pretty much a must need. so i’ve been poking around and i think i going the sylenth1 however i came across someone using Reason 4’s “Thor” as their Synth for Live my guess using rewire. but my question is what would be the draw back to rewiring Reason to Live for its synth cus Thor looks sexy drool being in processing power usage, limitations if any and anything else u can think of?

note I’m aware that sylenth1 is like $180 where Reason is $350 USD

guess another good question is am i drool over nothing is Sylenth just as good as Thor?

it just might be that Thor looks a little more organized to me which gives it that appearanceshrug.

looking into using FL Studio 9 also if rewiring like that is possible.

Btw don’t know much about Rewire if you don’t mind tell about do and don’t with it that be cool too for future reference.

cheers for the replies :).

I personally think that rewiring is overkill for what you are trying to do. Reason is a full fledged DAW. It seems all you need is a synth. IMO, there is no need to overcomplicate your life unless you need Reason to actually produce music in. There are better sounding synths out there then Thor. For instructions on rewiring, go here:


true does seem like i am over complication things though i sure if i happen to get Reason i find i get more out of it rewired or stand alone. but would u by any chance know of a Synth i can use in live that feels as organized and flexible as Thor? currently not in the search to a HQ studio synth just something to let me experiment with but still not a killer on the ears.

btw say if u did rewire reason to Live or visa-versa what would u manly do it for (or with any other program)?

You would rewire because perhaps you liked reason better for the instruments, so you would rewire to Live. Or if you liked to do your ideas into Live because its easier for you to get your ideas down into a DAW but you like to arrange into Logic or Cubase. Thats why you would rewire.

What would be good for you? I dont know. For me, I love the ease of use for Sylenth. To me there is nothing that is EASIER to use. However, there are synths that sound alot better, although it does not sound bad in itself. I would suggest learning on Sylenth. Mastering it. Then moving on to something a little more versatile. Perhaps something with FM synthesis. But trust me. Master Sylenth first.

sounds like a good plan cheers.

[quote]ergo (04/03/2010)[hr]sounds like a good plan cheers.[/quote]

hi ergo howies ,quite right dont complicate things , if you already have reason stick wih thor if you want to progress to live then sylenth is the one to start with man,

I seriously wish i had this when i started out … i bought albino and was really confused for ages (not to say im still not ) stick with one synth and learn it inside out then you should have a basis for all synths you come into contact with ,sylenth is a great sounding synth to be getting on with though !:slight_smile:

thoughts on Vanguard from reFx just remembered that one btw im kind leaning towards progressive house and trance.

[quote]ergo (04/03/2010)[hr]thoughts on Vanguard from reFx just remembered that one btw im kind leaning towards progressive house and trance.[/quote]

Go with sylenth man you can create all the sounds you want to with it plus in fact the filters are really solid but the whole synth is made for simplicity and is  great  sounding too  :)