Recommended album

If you’re into the dubbier more minimal end of techno I can’t recommend this album enough


Bought it yesterday and it’s been on repeat since. If you’re going to get it get it through iTunes as the Beatport one is 3x the price.

I notice that alot about Beatport. Is it because they give you a .wav file rather than the mp3?

I’m pretty sure that the 3x price was for the mp3. usually with beatport you have to click on the wav version at checkout and pay extra on top for that too.

Yup - They’re fkn steep alright!

Looks like a good album, know a few of the tracks on it.

This is a class album. Listened to it a few times over the last week.

Sandwell District - Feed Forward.


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Listening to it now. Sounds smooth and sinister(ish). Good recommendation. Shame it’s only vinyl though.

I know… and €35 to boot! :smiley:

Maybe they’ll get it out on a C90 sometime soon.