Recording guitars, dry or wet

So, I am working on incorporating more live guitar into my pieces. think kinda like psytrance.

So, the question is, dry or what? I see the benefit with each. Dry I can mess with the sound post production, i can try out effects or distortions. Wet, however, is the only way to get certain sounds. Artificial harmonics, as an example, doesn’t really work as well dry as wet. I also find it much easier as a player to play wet. it gives me a feel of what i am trying to make.

What do other people do?


If you put guitar rig on an insert chanel you play wet but record dry.

Best of both.

I remember reading something with Joe Baressi alongside other infamous mixers which discusses splitting the signal and recording both.

I wouldnt have a clue how to do that, I dont play the guitar and no nothing about guitar pedals and amps (unless its a digital fx unit).

With that in mind you get your dry signal and wet signal, you can then mix the two and layer them up carefully and then apply after effects ontop of it all…

I dont really remember where I found the interview but if I ever do find it I’ll definitely post it up here.

BTW I think it was in regards to a bass guitar, if that makes any difference?

phil, that is intriguing. i am running pod farm, is it possible with that?


actually, i have heard very good things about guitar rig and it appears to be free!! seems like no reason not to try it.


If you haven’t tried guitar rig I absolutely recommend you do. I play a lot of guitar and the amp simulation and effects that it has a top quality. I don’t even own an amp anymore haha, I do everything on guitar rig.

Note aside, like Phil said, you can put it as an insert effect and record your signal dry while hearing it wet. Can’t get simpler than that.

heh, i don’t see giving up my amp anytime soon. i am totally in love with my mesa boogie rectifier. :slight_smile:

so, i pulled down the demo of guitar rig and i am having some trouble. my set up is line 6 ux 2, guitar rig 5, ableton live 8

i know guitar rig is working as i can hear the wet sound coming through the headphones on the ux2 (and it sounds awesome btw, much better than pod farm) however, when i open a audio track on ableton and arm it all i hear is the dry signal from the ux 2. any thoughts?


Are you hosting guitar rig inside ableton? Or do you have it open on its own outside of the DAW? You gotta make sure you are using guitar rig as an insert effect on your audio track.