Recording In ableton

Hi Guys,

I have a Numark DJ IO Soundcard but don’t have a clue how to set it up with a mic for voice recording through ableton. Can anyone help me with this please?


Hi, in your audio settings make sure that DJ IO is set as a input device, click input config and select all available inputs, go back to your session view and add an audio channel, make sure that I-O icon on the right is active and go back to the audio channel you’ve created. In the ‘audio from’ section choose your DJ IO input, change the monitor setting to ‘IN’ (if you want to hear the mic on your monitors), arm the track and press record on the free clip slot :slight_smile:

hopefully that makes some sense, I’m not at home but I think its fairly accurate :stuck_out_tongue:

let us know if you get stuck

I have tried everything that you mentioned in the earlier post but Ableton still isn’t finding the ASIO driver from the DJIO. Is there a particular input to plug the mic into or does it just plug into the the mic input on the DJ IO it’self.

Thanks for your help man

sorry in audio from section, select Ext.In (card’s name isn’t listed there), then in the menu below select the channel to which your mic is pluged. I think on your card there is only one input.

Unless you’re saying that you can’t find the card in your audio settings (config menus), than it could be a driver/card problem

let me know how you got on :smooooth:

I am able to find the driver the name of it is ASIO as that is the software that comes with the Numark DJIO. I am actually using the sound card to play my track in Ableton so I know that card works. I just cannot find the mic in the record in settings,

It’s Wierd.

its not gonna come up as ‘mic’ , it should be something like ‘Input 1’