Recording Vocals problem!

Hi there,

I have a Motu UltraLite Mk2, a Rode NT2A and a Reflection & Pop Filter. But don’t know why sometimes when i record vocals and for example if the singer give high notes always have distortion resultes. yeh the singer stay far from the mix to give the high notes but the sound recorded have distortion or not so much definition.

Can i get some help solve this?

put the pad switch on your mic to -10

and make sure you rant going in to the red on your inputs

thank you. but already did that and have the same…

is there a motu mixer app? have you sorted the levels in there?

how far away from the mic are you at the loud parts?

here’s a screen cap from the Motu app:

and i think they stay far enough…maybe 20-40cm.

i see you have dynamics on… could this be it?

and trim is set to +26 try it at zero

Test now and with no dynamics (compressor) & trim at 0 can’t listen nothing…

if you have the trim at like 15 whats it like

almost can’t listen.

are you still getting distortion?

No. sounds ok. But can’t listen what i’m saying over ther music and after record sounds really really low.

ok i see a few things… you have the input on Analog 1-2 set to stereo… set it to mono.

over to the right you have channel stereo mode set to M/S this should be on normal.

when u set to mono in Analog 1-2 that right menu u talk to put on m\s mode stay disable.

i try and the same very low sound.

sorry bodering u about this but this is really annoying:doze:

thats fine that its disabled.

now try turn the pad on the mic to off (0db)

In ableton you need to select only the Left channel or channel 1 (not 1+2)

Get your singer to sing as loud as possible into the mic while checking the level meter on the front of the motu.

you want it to be hovering around 3/4 with the singer singing loud… but make sure it never peaks.

well i think it’s much better. but if the music is playin the singer almost can’t listen her voice.

there should be a monitor channel… maybe in the mixes tab… if you could do another screen grab of the mixes and output tabs i might be able to spot it.

doing that.

here it go…

Definitions u told me:



Ok… so i think this is similar to the saffire sound card that i have.

basically you can create a mix just for the headphones.

so for the headphone mix.

you want channel one set as analog 1 (vocals) you can have the fader high as this won’t effect your recording.

for channel 2 select the ableton output (not sure what this would be called - maybe bus 1 or 2?). and you can then adjust this to suit.

this shouldn’t effect the signal going in to ableton.

on the channel to the far right you select what out put you want to send the mix to… in this case phones 1+2